"HydroSurge's "state-of-the-art"  Animal Bathing Systems are the best for you dogs and cats. This unique system produces a combing action spray of shampoo and water through a hand held massage sprayer. The gentle bathing solution penetrates through the coat for a thorough cleaning and relaxing massage while removing loose hair, dead skin, fleas and other debris for the healthiest skin possible. Pets love the massage like treatment!

HydroSurge bathing is also an effective treatment for dry, flaking, itching and irritated skin. Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologists use HydroSurge bathing systems to treat many common skin diseases.  It gently debrides areas of dead skin, increases blood circulation to localized areas and aids in follicular flushing. Regularly scheduled HydroSurge therapeutic baths are recommended for chronic skin problems. You'll notice a tremendous difference!"