Our cats' room is surrounded with windows to enjoy natural light and a view of our garden. Each cat is given his/her own personal bed which is washed and sanitized. Easy-listening music is played during the day. They also enjoy complimentary snacks while watching cartoons and cat videos. 


We monitor your cat's behavior, eating and eliminations.


We will administer any medication for an extra fee, with the exception of injections


Although kitties prefer to sleep and relax, we do let them out individually to stretch and inspect their surroundings. Group play time is included with certain requirements. You can also treat them to a private cuddling session with one of our attendants.


Because we care about your cat, we feed special food for male cats to prevent any urinary tract problems. We also feed Nutro Source dry food and can food in the morning. Dry food is kept out for them at all times.